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course-imgWhole Systems Thinking-Thinking Like a CEO
Welcome to "Thinking Like a CEO.
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course-imgProblem Solving Masterclass - Guide To Problem Solving Skill
In today's fast-paced world, the ability to solve problems effectively is a vital skill that sets individuals apart, both personally and professionally.
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course-imgMindfulness For Business
Are you a leader who is struggling to conquer your critical inner voice? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to manage intrusive thoughts and stay focused on...
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course-imgHow to solve problems like a strategy consultant (Bain, BCG)
I am an ex McKinsey consultant and a Columbia Business school alum, let's learn together: Structure complex problems to identify the root causeOnce the problem
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course-imgUnique Selling Proposition Mastery 2023 Position to Win
USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition (or Point) and every business needs one.
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course-imgThe Complete Cognitive Bias Guide: Buffett & Munger's Secret
Cognitive biases have been plagued businessses and individuals for hundreds of years and led to famous misconceptions like the world is flat.
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course-imgFuture Thinking
Humans have a natural ability to think about their future.
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course-imgHow to Think and Act Strategically
In a report titled, Soft skill for a hard world, the leading management consulting firm identified that Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is the No.
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course-imgInformation Management and Strategic Decision Taking
The unit will address the volume and complexity of data and information available to organisations and how to analyse, apply and determine its value in making s...
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