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course-imgLearn The Management Consulting Career, Industry & Practices
The resources are the best.
course-imgManagement Consulting Presentation Essential Training
**Updated for 2023!**In today's job market, you are only as good as your presentation skills.
course-imgManagement Consulting Skills Mastery
**Updated for 2023!**The most complete course available on management consultant.
course-imgManagement Consulting: Mastering Strategic Management
The most complete course available on strategic management.
course-imgManagement Consulting Approach to Problem Solving
What is the aim of this course?Time and again you will come across problems that are seemingly unsolvable.
course-imgManagement Consulting Productivity Hacks
What is the aim of this course?    Management consultants are brutally efficient.
course-imgIntroduction to Management Consulting
Management consultants are paid well because they help executives to break down complex problems, make difficult decisions, and implement lasting change.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgManagement Consulting Approach to Problem Solving
** This course is created by StrategyCo.
course-imgManagement Consulting Techniques, Tools and Frameworks
What is the aim of this course?This course will help you drastically improve your knowledge of management consulting techniques, tools, and frameworks.
course-imgManagement Consulting Presentations
What is the aim of this course?   In management consulting, you are delivering your advice, observation, and analyses using presentations.
course-imgFit Interview Course for Management Consulting
There is a lot of material out there for case interviews and most candidates applying to consulting spend most of their time preparing for cases.
course-imgFrom start to early promotion at management consulting firms
Hey Consultant! It's quite shocking to see how many high potential junior consultants fail in their first months on the job at firms like McKinsey, BCG or Bain.
course-imgManagement Consulting Guide 2023: McKinsey, BCG or PwC!?:-)
Welcome to YOUnConsulting!1.
course-imgManagement Consulting Cases for Job Interview
What is the aim of this course?   Getting into consulting is one of the most difficult tasks.
course-imgManagement Consulting Exam Questions Practice Test
Management consulting, often referred to as business consulting, is defined as "advisory and/or implementation services to the (senior) management of organisati...
course-imgManagement Consulting
This covers all the consulting basics.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgManagement Consulting Careers: an honest guide for students
An honest guide for studentsThis course helps you consider: (a) if you should become a management consultant (b) which types of firms you should (and shouldn't)...
course-imgManagement Consulting Project - Behind the Scenes
What is the aim of this course?People by nature are extremely curious.
course-imgManagement Consulting Essential Training
**Updated for 2023!**Imagine you could learn the techniques taught by the world's top consulting firms such as McKinsey and BCG without ever working at a firm!...
course-imgMaster Course in Management Consulting and Management Skills
Master course in Management consulting and Management SkillsManagement consulting: Managing consulting is a worthwhile career choice if you're good at solving p...
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