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course-imgCoding for Kids - Learn to program with a Dad & Son
Who is this course for?This course is specifically designed for people who are wanting to learn to program, especially children, teenagers, university students…...
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course-imgCoding for kids - Scratch 3.0 programming.
In this course we are going to learn about scratch programming for and and new learners of IT related job.
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course-imgDiscover Pre-coding Through Play With Your Child
In this course we are going to focus on basic concepts of computational thinking through screen-free activities.
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course-imgM.I.T Scratch - Programming and Creating Games - Kids Coding
Welcome to the exciting world of computer programming! Join Stevie, a delightful and humorous cartoon character, as he guides you through the magical journey of...
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course-imgCoding practice quiz for beginners
What is coding?The process of designing and creating various sets of computer programmes in order to achieve a particular computing goal is known as coding.
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course-imgGames Design with Scratch for Beginners
The Games Design with Scratch for Beginners course is a fun and interactive way for kids between the ages of 7-15 to learn about game design using Scratch progr...
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course-imgProgramming for Beginners - Build games using Scratch
A UNIQUE FATHER-SON TAUGHT COURSE Who is this course for? This course is specifically designed for people who are wanting to learn to program, especially childr...
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course-imgCoding Kids: Let's Make Games!
Course Description This course offers a gentle and fun introduction to the world of game development, teaching basic coding and game design concepts.
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course-imgDevelope Advance Games with Scratch
Welcome to our cutting-edge programming course designed for young learners who are interested in exploring the exciting world of game design.
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course-imgCoding vs. COVID-19 B: Databases & Thinking Outside the Box
Learn how to code while learning about current events! We will be teaching about COVID-19 throughout this course in order to empower students to make a positive...
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course-imgScratch games coding for kids - Action game essentials
Help your child learn essential knowledge and skills for coding action games, then use what they have learnt to create their own games.
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course-imgCoding Autonomous Drones
Coding Autonomous Drones will open your eyes to the potential of flight and drones.
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course-imgCreate Fun Games and School Presentations Using Scratch 2.0
ABOUT THIS COURSE Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional projects with the visual programming language, Scr...
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