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Udemy is one of the top online learning platforms founded in 2010 currently offering over 175,000 free and paid courses.
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What is Udemy?

Udemy offers courses on an array of topics. Some courses are free of charge; the paid ones cost from $10 to $199 per course.

As of the beginning of 2022, the educational materials are provided in 75 languages. All paid courses are accompanied by guidance from the expert and a certificate of completion.

The educational materials are provided in video format and can be viewed as tutorials for certain skills. There are no deadlines on course completion, so you can learn it at your own pace.

The platform offers language courses, business, fitness, technology (including coding), photography, and numerous other courses for different levels of specialists.

The platform is aiming to attract professionals to create courses but is not actually verifying their qualifications. This means that some courses are inferior to others. The best way to choose a course is to rely on reviews.

Are Udemy courses worth it?
Yes, if you are interested in a particular set or set of skills and know exactly what course you need for that.
How to get Udemy courses for free?
Go to the Udemy website and type in the search bar the skill/course you are interested in, for example, web design. You will be shown a list of results. Use the filter at the top of the page. Tick the “Free” box to see only free courses.
Does the Udemy certificate have value?
No. They are not accredited as professional education. However, it can serve as proof that you actually completed a course on a certain skill you claim to have for your potential employer.
Does Udemy provide a certificate?
Yes, the majority of courses provide certificates.
How to download the Udemy certificate?
Once you complete all course sections, the color of the trophy on the top of the page changes its color. To download your certificate, click the trophy icon.
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