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We are a social organization that believes in the power of innovation and technology to build a more ethical and diverse society.
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Olabi is a catalyst for positive changes in society. We develop content and methodologies that spread across the world.

Olabi gathers eight years of work in the areas of social innovation, technology, and creativity. We started in 2014 as a space dedicated to technology learning in Brazil, part of the FabLab network. Our focus is to democratize technology as a way to work for a more inclusive society. We have developed dozens of nonprofit projects and actions throughout these years, which got us invitations and speaking positions in events, debate forums, and seminars in over 30 countries across the five continents.

Global acknowledgment results from acting in networks and understanding the importance of dialoguing with people from diverse backgrounds. We believe that collaboration is the key element in solving the big problems of the 21st century. So we are connected to initiatives from all over the world, with a special focus on the Global South.

Thinking and producing technologies and innovations are big assets in the 21st century. So we use them to pursue our mission: helping build a future that is more diverse, ethical, and based on social justice. Our actions encourage the population to have the critical thinking, autonomy, creativity, and active learning, which are key abilities in building a more equitable future. And just a curiosity: the name Olabi comes from the lab, a reference to innovation laboratories and their possibility to experiment and create. In an uncertain world, boosting experimentation seems necessary.

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