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edX is a cutting-edge online learning platform that provides high-quality, interactive, and engaging educational courses from top universities and institutions around the world. Offering a wide range of courses spanning various disciplines, edX empowers learners to enhance their knowledge, skills, and expertise in a flexible and convenient online environment. With edX, learners can access courses from renowned universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and many more, ensuring access to world-class education without the need for physical attendance on campus. Courses on edX cover diverse fields including computer science, business and management, social sciences, humanities, health sciences, data science, engineering, and more. This enables learners to pursue their passion or upgrade their skills in their desired domain. edX offers courses in multiple formats, including self-paced courses, instructor-led courses, and MicroMasters programs. Self-paced courses allow learners to learn at their own pace, providing the flexibility to fit learning into their busy schedules. Instructor-led courses offer a structured learning experience with set start and end dates, providing learners with the opportunity to learn in cohorts and interact with instructors and peers in real-time. MicroMasters programs are a series of graduate-level courses that provide learners with in-depth knowledge and skills in a specific field, and can even count towards a full master's degree at select universities.
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course-img¿Cómo hacer uso responsable de la inteligencia artificial?
Este MOOC aborda los conceptos, principios, desafíos y oportunidades del uso ético y responsable de la inteligencia artificial (IA) para el sector público.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgC++ Programming: Object-Oriented Design
Code and run your first C++ program in minutes without installing anything! This beginner-focused course will further develop your programming skills.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgProcurement and Logistics Management
Learn fundamental concepts regarding the flow of goods and materials throughout the supply chain.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgComputing in Python IV: Objects & Algorithms
Learn about recursion, search and sort algorithms, and object-oriented programming in Python.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgGuided Project: Containerize Java Microservices with Docker
App developers with containerization skills are in demand.
Online course with Certificate
Free online course
course-imgLean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Part 2: Analyze, Improve, and Control
Earn a professional Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate
Online course with Certificate
course-imgStatistics for Business Analytics: Modelling and Forecasting
This is a great course for anyone who wants to gain foundational and critical analysis and statistics skills with no prior background.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgBuilding Modern Python Applications on AWS
In this course, we will be covering how to build a modern, greenfield serverless backend on AWS.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgPsychology of Personal Growth
Learn to understand personal growth from a comparative perspective.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgFisioterapia en el cáncer infantil
Explorar el rol del fisioterapeuta y la importancia de este en la oncología pediátrica, reconociendo las enfermedades más comunes en esta población y su interve...
Online course with Certificate
course-imgDesign and innovation of business model
Business models are an important tool when starting a new business or building a growth company.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgData Science for Smart Cities
Learn various scientific techniques that will allow the analysis, inference and prediction of large-scale data (e.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgStatistics and R
An introduction to basic statistical concepts and R programming skills necessary for analyzing data in the life sciences.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgIntroductory Statistics : Basic Ideas and Instruments for Statistical Inference
This course utilizes real-life applications of Statistics in an exploration of the Statistical Inferenceprocess.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgCircuits and Electronics 2: Amplification, Speed, and Delay
Learn how to speed up digital circuits and build amplifiers in the design of microchips used in smartphones, self-driving cars, computers, and the Internet.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgHistory of Game Design: 2010 to the beginning of 2021
Learn about the modern age of gaming, the move towards mobile and the future of gaming.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgConflict Management: Negotiation
Learn the fundamentals of negotiation as a conflict management strategy and identify the strategies that will lead you to optimal outcomes and negotiation succe...
Online course with Certificate
course-imgDesign Thinking: Prototyping and User Testing
Learn the importance of prototyping and user testing solutions before going to market and how to assess and evaluate solutions post-launch.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgPublic Speaking
Build confidence as a speaker by learning how to use simple tools and skills to prepare and deliver memorable presentations.
Online course with Certificate
course-imgGuided Project: Build your first Node.js app
Use your current JavaScript knowledge to gain Node.
Online course with Certificate
Free online course
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