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Careerist is an innovative US-based career accelerator that offers online courses in various tech fields, equipping students with the skills needed to secure high-paid, inspiring jobs in the industry.
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Careerist, an American career acceleration platform, offers a diverse range of online courses in Manual QA, QA Automation, Tech Sales, UX Design, Data Analytics, and Systems Engineering. With a strong commitment to accessibility, Careerist equips students with the necessary skills to secure employment in the tech industry. The platform strives to open up new horizons for individuals seeking to enter this field. Astonishingly, more than 1,000 companies across 40 states have already hired Careerist graduates, with a notable 57% of them enjoying the benefits of remote work! Careerist's comprehensive training programs consist of interactive live classes, internships, career coaching, and mentorship. To accommodate students' schedules, all live lessons are recorded and made available for review at their convenience. The primary goal of Careerist is to assist individuals in realizing their career ambitions and securing lucrative and fulfilling positions within the tech sector. To facilitate this, Careerist provides Job Application Services, personalized 1:1 support, and mentorship. Students are equipped with invaluable knowledge on effective job searching, interview question responses, and techniques to significantly improve their chances of being hired. Careerist demonstrates unwavering dedication to the success of its students by offering a remarkable 100% money-back guarantee to those who do not secure a tech job within one year of completing their bootcamp graduation. Previously known as JobEasy, Careerist has transformed itself into a dynamic force in the industry, empowering aspiring tech professionals with the skills they need to thrive in today's competitive job market.
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