Anthony Jones

Learning Experience Design Manager
Before Anthony came to Pathstream, he worked in education for nearly 15 years teaching students from all ages and backgrounds. The longer he worked in traditional education though, the more he realized that there was a pretty big problem. The students he saw weren’t learning what they needed to know to get high demand jobs, and many of them were graduating without the digital skills they needed to succeed in the modern economy. That’s what drew Anthony to Pathstream. At Pathstream, the mission is to prepare students for high-demand digital skills careers, like the one students can embark upon in the Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate. For the last year and half, Anthony has collaborated with Salesforce administrators, Salesforce developers and other subject matter experts across different sales teams from all over the United States to answer one single question: What is the best way to learn the foundational skills in Salesforce needed to start a new career? Anthony holds a B.A. in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing from UCLA and an M.S. in Education from Fordham University.