Alexander Urik

Hi, my name is Alex Urik. I am a freelance game developer for about 5 years. Before I was working as a movie VFX artist for about 10 years and I worked on several feature films including Transformers or Batman vs Superman. I always had a passion for programming and when I discovered Unity 3d engine, I was really happy that also in game development you can use high-level programing language like C#. Which I really enjoy using. During my career as a game developer, I released a couple of assets in the Unity asset store and a couple of games for iOS and Android, and also I created several Unity courses and tutorials. I always like to solve interesting problems and create tools and systems which speed up my work. I love programming and I think learning from somebody else is the fastest way how to learn new things. That's why I would like to share my knowledge and I hope you will like my courses