Mick Grierson

Mick Grierson is Professor of Creative Computing at UAL Creative Computing Institute.
Professor in Computing, and research leader at the Institute of Creative Computing at the University of the Arts.

He led the first BSc programmes in Creative Computing in the UK, and the first creative programming MOOC in the world, with over 250,000 learners. Work by his students and research group was instrumental in the development of the field known as Creative AI. He was Principal Investigator on the £ 1 million Artificial Intelligence project MIMIC, a partnership between Durham University, Sussex University, Goldsmiths College, and Google’s Project Magenta, and is currently CO-I on the AHRC's Transforming Collections project (£ 3 million, led by Susan Pui San Lok). He was the Academic Research Lead for the £ 1 million 2018-2020 Wellcome Trust Hub, in collaboration with Heart n Soul, RCA Helen Hamlyn Centre and UCL CRAE, and Principal Investigator for the Institute of Coding's £1.4 million Future Projects Fund Project, "Creative Solutions to Digital Transformation", in collaboration with FutureLearn, Lancaster University, Goldsmiths College, and Nesta

  Work experience:
1. Company: UAL Creative Computing Institute
   Title: Professor and Research Leader
   Duration: 4 years 1 month ( Present)

2. Company: Goldsmiths
   Duration:16 years 4 months (Present)

3. Company:Strangeloop
    Title: Director
    Duratiom:15 years 9 months(Present)

4. Company: University of Kent logo
    Title: Lecturer in Film Studies
    Duratiom:1 year 6 months

 Main skills: 

  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Teaching
  • Web design

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