Trevoir Williams

Software Engineer | System Engineer | Lecturer | Course Creator
Trevoir Williams is a passionate software and system engineer with a strong drive to share the best of his knowledge with students around the globe. His educational achievements include a Master’s degree in Computer Science (major in Software Development). His impressive work experience includes software consulting, software engineering, database development, cloud system, and server administration, lecturing, and he’s also a musician! Trevoir enjoys teaching IT and development skills and guides students in gaining the latest knowledge with practical application in the modern industry. On BitDegree, Trevoir Williams offers an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of database design and development with Microsoft SQL Server. He’ll guide you through what you need to learn how to create and run basic SQL queries and commands, and how to set up a database server. Join Trevoir Williamson’s course if you want to become a database professional – one of the occupations that will bring a decent salary to you for many years to come.