Kalob Taulien

Head of programming at Coding for Everybody.
Kalob Taulien is a professional web developer creating websites, software, and working with startups since 1999. Throughout the years, he has created hundreds of websites and multiple companies using his ideas and software. Kalob Taulien is passionate about teaching. He loves sharing his knowledge and helping others to learn new things. Kalob says that his “superpower” is the ability to turn complex programming concepts into easy-to-understand bits of knowledge. Moreover, he is a provider of one-on-one coaching and startup consulting. In his free time, he is also operating his startup Arkmont. On BitDegree, learning from this amazing instructor, you can get a better understanding of HTML. Kalob Taulien will teach you HTML basics and how to write code. Look no further and start learning HTML with Kalob Taulien today!