Antonio Cangiano

Software Developer and Technical Evangelist
IBM Developer Skills Network
Antonio Cangiano has been a Software Developer and Technical Evangelist with IBM for the past 12 years. An author and blogger, he wrote two technical books, "Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers" (Wrox, 2009) and "Technical Blogging" (The Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2012). He is passionate about the craft of programming, cognitive computing, cutting-edge technologies, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Interesting Facts :

I was a very early adopter of .NET, Rails, and Django.
In 2009, He authored Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers for Wrox.
In 2012,  He authored Technical Blogging for The Pragmatic Bookshelf. In 2019, He published its second edition.
He founded and eventually sold Math Blog.
He is really into chatbots. His courses on AI virtual assistants have been taken by well over 100,000 people.

Work experience:
1. Company: IBM
   Title: Software Development Manager
   Duration: 2 years 8 months (Present)

2. Company: IBM Cognitive ClassIBM
   Title: Marketing Lead
   Duration:12 years 9 months

3. Company: Netrich Media
    Title: Owner
    Duration:10 years 7 months (Present)

4. Company: PragPub
    Title: Columnist
    Duratiom:6 years 

5. Company: ThinkCode Labs, Inc.
    Title: President and Co-founder
    Duration:2 years 

  Main skills: 

  • Ruby
  • Software Development
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • REST

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