Muhammad Ali

Machine Learning Engineer
Artificial Intelligence
Instructor Muhammad Ali is a wise Swiss knife in the field of computer science. He combines his professional knowledge in Computer Network Engineering (Master’s degree with distinction) with a great passion and experience in ethical hacking, which makes him a trusted expert. Besides teaching online, he also works as a network engineer, security analyzer, and researcher in IT security. As Muhammad Ali has spent a good portion of life in an academic setting as a student and researcher, he’s developed an effective teaching methodology, too. His lectures flow from explaining the theory behind every technique he teaches to showing how it works in a realistic scenario. His working experience allowed him to accumulate a rich base of real-life examples which make it much easier and practical to learn the complex concepts of penetration testing, network attacks and similar topics. On BitDegree, you may take the chance to learn the core principles of network security and ethical hacking with Android from Muhammad Ali. Get the direct transition of knowledge from an expert!