Leighton Smith

My name is Leighton Smith, an enthusiastic resident of East Tennessee. In business, I wear several metaphorical “hats.” I am Pioneer Media’s website designer, web developer and webmaster. Each is a unique role in the process of creating a website. As a “solopreneur” freelancer, I am self-employed and the one-and-only point-of-contact for my clients' websites. I’ve built 100s of websites since learning to code in 2006 and absolutely love what I do. In addition to helping small businesses, I enjoy volunteering, strengthening relationships and traveling the world. My flagship business course, Create a Successful Website Design & SEO Business in 2020, has over 17 hours of content divided into 7 sections: Fundamentals of Web Design, How to Design & Develop a Website, Building a Brand, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance Plans, How to Serve Clients, and Key Takeaways for Success as a Website Design Business.