Bobby Bozhidarov

Hello. My name is Bobby B and I am super excited that you are reading this. I am a full time trader. My passion is to help people to go to the next level in the game called LIFE. When I entered in the trading business at first I was my own teacher. I was reading many books, watching videos on youtube, reading articles and browsing Twitter. I was spending all my time to study and still I was struggling and losing money ... It was so frustrating... One day I came up to a quote by a guy named Ben Johnson. He said "He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master." This just clicked in my mind. One of this strong "AHA" moments. Since that point in time I always get mentors to bring me to my desired destination in any sphere of my life much faster. Why I do this? Simply because this people are already where I want to be so they know the road ahead! They know where I will have to go through a rough road. They know where there is a highway. They know the sharp turns where I would probably crash and are helping me to prevent that. They know the shortcuts. They know the comfortable roads. They are giving me huge power. The power to anticipate. Winners anticipate, Losers react. Always remember this. So let me now teach you what I know and show you the road ahead! Don`t be like me trying to figure out everything alone... You are just wasting time and energy that can be used in a much better way. Join me and lets create your map that will bring you to your destination.