Aditya Goyal

Hi, my name is Aditya. I am the founder of TechApprise, modern-day reporting and digital media publisher. I love to create businesses from scratch and also passionate to help others to grow their own online business. Currently, I'm also the co-founder of BizApprise, a digital agency built to grow the online presence of entrepreneurs and startups. Where we drive better business outcomes with best-in-class video production, branded content development, brand synergy, strategizing to social media management, media planning, and distribution, influencer marketing and everything in between. After years of experience in the field along with the passion to build and grow others through their own journey, now looking forward to sharing my knowledge by the medium of online learning. I hope you sign up for the course and provide me the opportunity to help you grow your brand and turn it into an industry thought leader. Thank you for checking out my course. I sincerely believe you will find this course super helpful.