Justin Barauskas

I teach courses related to Forex Trading,  more focused towards Automated Algorithmic Trading, this is essentially trading fully computerized trading systems/robots. I want to always deliver the best training there is: below my background info for your confidence Automated Algorithmic Forex Trading: Since 2000 I have been involved in the Forex market as well as  programming automated trading strategies in MQL4. Forex trading is something I really enjoy, because the Forex market can give you limitless possibilities in financial and personal freedom. It is also very much the study of motion & human psychology in a different but measurable dimension. I like to relate to different aspects of real-life experience and automated trading to deliver the best understanding and step-by-step training there is in the automated trading arena. I am a very curious person whom is interested in how things work and behave. My interests and passions lie in the study of motion, "without motion there would be no life". In the many different areas I tend to favor human psychology, behavior, sports, and financial markets. I am a passionate coach whom is always striving for more knowledge in the complexities of life. I hope to be sharing my knowledge with you soon!