Samir Phuyal

Samir Phuyal is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast from Morang. He works as a freelance web developer and has great experience using CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Vue, jQuery, Django in his projects. Also, he is the owner of an online advertising platform called “Naya Kinmel” and YouTube channel “HamroTech” where he teaches those who want to learn programming and web development in the Nepali language. Samir has a great passion for programming. He has learned web development by himself so he knows that it could be difficult when you’re starting out. Now he wants to help people to learn programming. On BitDegree, you have an opportunity to learn from Samir Phuyal the fundamental concepts of Django and how to create fully functional web applications from scratch. So if you want to learn Python programming, don’t hesitate. Enroll in his course and take your skills to the next level today!