Mahmmoud Jbour

Mahmmoud Jbour is an all-around player, having collected more than 5 years of experience as a full-stack developer. He’s been into building a variety of pieces of software for different business purposes. Being an expert with Java, JavaScript, and related open-source technologies, database, web development, cloud, microservices, and big data, Mahmmoud chose to start sharing the knowledge with others. Mahmmoud Jbour takes practical knowledge and expertise as his main advantage. His own way of learning includes taking something that went wrong and then discovering ways to get better. As an online instructor, he strives to guide students to success through the application of modern technology. With Mahmmoud, you’ll be tapping into the best coding practices and using the highest standards to build scalable, reliable, and useful software. On BitDegree, Mahhmoud Jbour offers you an opportunity to learn the most important React forms library, Formik. Go from knowing nothing about React Formik to creating well-managed web forms, even with little experience!