Rachel Van Horn Leroy

Rachel Van Horn Leroy is an experienced instructor setting an example of a lifelong learner herself. She brings her expertise and creativity to students with great excitement. Rachel’s overall goal is to help her students succeed in their education, careers, and life in the broad sense! Rachel Van Horn Leroy has multiple years’ experience working as an Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University. Her field of interest and study includes English, writing and composition, critical thinking and logic, research methods, and more. She’s also interested in making online learning effective, helping first-year students with their experiences, and student-centered learning. If you happen to learn any of her courses, you’ll notice her deep caring for what you’re actually going to take away from each lesson! On BitDegree, you have the opportunity to take Rachel Van Horn Leroy’s lead in learning how to increase your influence. Rachel has a lot of experience in decoding human personalities, and she’s going to share the best of her knowledge and specific instruments for you to be able to do the same. In such way, you’ll learn to persuade others, speak other people’s emotional language, and break the code of how to influence them. Learn the skills that will make your social and professional life easier and much more exciting!