Eldor Togaymurotov

Web developer and teacher
Eldor Togaymurotov is proud of all the experience in web development that he’s collected in more than 5 years’ career. He started as a front-end developer, then got more interested in building the server-side of the web (the back-end) to finally join all of the accumulated knowledge as a full-stack web developer. Over the years, Eldor has gained solid practical skills in all-things web development, and he’s driven to share his knowledge with his students. Eldor Togaymurotov, based in Los Angeles, California, is an expert in Nodejs, Express, and MongoDB for building the back-end of web applications. He uses HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery, and Express-Handlebars template engine when programming the front-end. Eldor pays huge attention to making web applications responsive and mobile-friendly so that users are happy with the way they use web content on any device of their choice. “I focus more on the functionalities rather than the style of websites,” says Eldor. On BitDegree, you can learn all that you need to know about building a chat application from scratch. With Eldor Togaymurotov, you’ll cover the essential topics and get step-by-step guidance to move smoothly and quickly in the process. Join his course with no delay!