Mehdi Jangjou

Mehdi Jangjou is an instructor with a serious attitude towards learning. His own learning, in the first place. Ever since he started learning modern technology skills, he’s been unstoppably learning himself, getting one certification and collection of skills after another! You may take his lead, and get inspiration for learning the skills you need to a high level, and keep expanding your expertise all the time. Mehdi Jangjou’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering, and then you could find a long list of different certifications related to his current profile. As an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), he’s sharing his immense knowledge and experience in digital arts. With his perfect skills, he also works as a freelance digital marketer and an online instructor hoping to add valuable skills to your arsenal. On BitDegree, you may use the opportunity to dive into an in-depth tutorial of mastering shapes in Adobe Photoshop CC with Mehdi Jangjou. His course is both theoretical and practical. You’ll immediately have a chance to use whatever you learn in 10 real-world projects, creating digital art from scratch, even if you are a novice in Photoshop. Mehdi will take good care of you, and take you to the land where beauty is created using the modern tools of digital arts. Join in!