Rajesh Pillai

The founder of Algorisys Technologies and an experienced developer, Rajesh Pillai, has a lot of practical experience to share in his online courses. For more than 18 years he’s been engaged in developing solutions in e-commerce, banking, retail, travel & tourism fields. His work included learning and implementing a lot of different technologies, so now he can share all that he knows with you – clearly and crisply. In Algorisys Technologies, Rajesh Pillai is leading a group of engineers architecting various products. Here, he has also taken the responsibility to help his employees improve their skills. His educational role doesn’t finish with that: he’s also mentoring some large clients in the field of front-end engineering. Rajesh spends part of his time consulting large e-commerce projects about re-engineering their JavaScript and NodeJS side. It might seem like one man is covering a lot of ground, but Rajesh Pillai has mastered the art of time and effort management. He can input in many spheres effectively – an excellent example in our modern life! He’s taught more than 500 students as members of corporate training, and now his online student audience is expanding, too. If you’re in need to learn about front-end technologies & visualization, and also keen on understanding the server-side programming, you’ve found the right teacher who will train and inspire you.