Amir Serry

Amir Serry has been an ardent computer engineer for many years now, collecting broad experience in software development and training. He’s worked at mobile, web, enterprise and desktop development, maintenance. He’s lead the processes of creating software architectures and also quality assurance and control. Amir’s educational background stems from B.SC in Computer Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science and IT programs. Being a life-long learner himself, Amir has completed an almost uncountable number of independent courses and obtained multiple certifications. Amir Serry’s course on BitDegree offers an opportunity to get concentrated information about Spring Cloud microservices. Learning with Amir, you’ll quickly develop a good understanding of the main aspects of Spring Cloud and will be able to compare monolithic architectures with microservices. As an experienced trainer, Amir Serry makes his courses easy-to-follow (bullet-pointed lists of crucial aspects). Join in to get what you need in one place!