Konrad Hafen

Konrad Hafen is a spatial scientist with a BSc degree in Wildlife & Fisheries and GIS and an MSc Degree in Watershed Science and Ecology. He has substantial experience in academic and government research developing and implementing numerical and spatial models for natural resources management. Konrad Hafen has a great passion for teaching GIS and programming. He shares his experience with others on his website and on YouTube channel where you can find tutorials and courses on GIS programming and data science. Konrad Hafen is joyful to share his experience through online courses here on BitDegree. He will help you to get a better understanding of QGIS, Python, and PyCharm. You’ll learn how to develop Python plugins to extend QGIS functionality, use QGIS Python libraries for basic GIS data management, and much more. So are you ready to boost your knowledge? Join his course and start learning today!