Sim贸n S谩nchez

Are you fascinated by pixel art and interested in how to implement it practically into video games and graphic design projects? Sim贸n S谩nchez is a general artist from Uruguay who鈥檚 found ways to connect his artistic nature and skills with the world of technology. Sim贸n S谩nchez鈥檚 career sprouts from studying Graphic Design and Art & Game Design. It didn鈥檛 take long for him to turn his passion and knowledge into paid activity, so he鈥檚 been freelancing for quite a while. He has rich practical experience with making pixel art for videogames and different projects, including graphic design. Having accumulated the skills and knowledge, it鈥檚 almost natural that the next step should be鈥 teaching! And that鈥檚 what Sim贸n is doing well with thousands of students enrolling in his online courses. On BitDegree, you have the opportunity to be guided by Sim贸n S谩nchez at drawing lines and curves, 2D and 3D animations, creating sharp and attractive pixel art. He鈥檒l teach you all that you need about how to make pixel art and much more. Look no further and start creating pixel art masterpieces with Sim贸n S谩nchez.