Ardit Sulce

Ardit Sulce is a Python developer and experienced instructor helping people to get familiar with Python programming language. He has been teaching Python programming online for more than 5 years. Ardit Sulce offers his expertise on Upwork where he has worked with popular companies such as the Swiss in-Terra, Center for Conservation Geography, and Rapid Intelligence. Moreover, he is the founder of “The Python Mega Course” and PythonHow educational website where non-programmers can find useful tutorials on Python programming language. The instructor believes that no one can learn to code by just reading books or watching educational videos. He states that the most valuable part of learning is practice. That’s why his courses are oriented not only to theoretical skills. Ardit Sulce holds a Bachelor's degree in Geodetic Engineering and a Master's degree in Geospatial Technologies. On BitDegree, learning from this instructor, in a minimum amount of time you can get a better understanding of Python programming language. Any student who’s interested can easily learn the basics and how to write a program with Python by taking his course.