Nurudeen Amedu

Nurudeen Amedu is known as a quantitative analyst and passionate programmer who is specializing in a number of programming languages for financial markets, including MQL4, MQL5, cAlgo, Quantopian, and QuantConnect. Also, he is freelancing and offering his services on Fiverr. Nurudeen Amedu lives in Nigeria. He has received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Benin and by now he is studying Full-Stack Web Development and Computer Software Engineering in Lambda School. This BitDegree instructor has a nice experience in the fields mentioned above. Nurudeen Amedu is involving these skills in many quant related projects and performing services such as trading strategy automation, cross-platform integration, and trading robot optimization. On BitDegree, learning from this instructor, you can get a grasp of trading. Nurudeen Amedu courses will help you to learn online trading basics, cAlgo fundamentals, how to automate any MetaTrader 5 trading strategy, and more. Choose the best course for you and dive into learning!