Saurav Gupta

Saurav Gupta has an immense passion for teaching SAS to anyone who is in need to learn it quickly and effectively. He focuses on those who have no experience with SAS and provides with really in-depth knowledge from scratch. If your way of learning is building a solid understanding of the underlying principles, then Saurav is just the right instructor for you! Saurav is a GATE qualified instructor. He’s achieved the 250 All India Rank, and his student audience has been expanding lately. Right now, he focuses on teaching the basics of SAS. The added benefit that you’ll get from being Saurav Gupta’s student is that you’ll get access to a closed Facebook group. You’ll find even more valuable SAS material and jobs discussion – many useful answers to questions answered in one place. The group has already grown to join a few thousand students! Learn SAS from a focused expert!