Mike Clayton

Mike Clayton is an experienced business trainer and speaker. He’s also authored many books, including Powerhouse, How to Manage a Great Project, How to Speak, so People Listen, The Influence Agenda, and Brilliant Time Management. Mike’s academic career is focused in Physics. He has worked at the world-renowned Schuster Laboratory of the University of Manchester. After that, for more than 12 years, Mike Clayton has worked as a project management professional in Deloitte (London office of international management consultancy). In addition, Mike has a passion to help leaders, professionals, and managers to excel in their roles with management, leadership, and personal effectiveness training. On BitDegree, learning from this instructor, you can improve your skills in public speaking, project management, conflict management, and leadership. Mike Clayton will share with you the real-world strategies, secret formulas, and advice from his own experience. You can choose from various Mike Clayton’s courses to strengthen the skills you need the most.