Adel Akbar

Adel Akbar is a web developer focusing on front-end development and an entrepreneur. He is currently working as a developer at UBC Launch Pad – student-run software engineering team building software projects. Adel Akbar holds a Bachelor of Science in Statistics from the University of British Columbia. Adel is passionate about learning new things, building software, and analytics. In his free time, he loves to play basketball and explore new places. Also, he is interested in photography and arts. Recently, Adel has discovered a whole new passion – teaching. He started his teaching career at University where he was working as a teaching assistant. Now Adel Akbar is creating courses and is joyful to share his knowledge with the entire world. On BitDegree, you have a chance to learn from this amazing instructor and take your knowledge to the next level. Adel Akbar will teach you how the bot framework works and how to build a telegram bot using Python. So don’t hesitate. Enroll in his course now and dive into learning!