Jackson Kelley

Jackson Kelley – a colorful personality and an inspiring trainer. From a musician to a software engineer at Amazon to consulting different cryptocurrency projects and doing much more out of a great passion for bringing creative solutions to modern technological challenges. He’s worked on various projects related to embedded systems, big data and machine learning all the way to the standard web and mobile development. The diversity in topics of the projects refers to Jackson’s ability to pick up new technology quickly. Having accumulated extensive experience in all things tech, as well as perfecting his soft skills, Jackson Kelly started teaching online. Apparently, he’s not going to mess up in this department too, because students already pride Jackson for his excellent teaching ability and translating complex technical concepts in an understandable human language. Remember, his topics are novel and ones that haven’t been talked much about. So for most of us, it helps to have someone like Jackson to explain things, so we’re not left confused. His previous students have been confirming all the above, giving four to five-star raking right from the beginning of Jackson Kelley’s career as an online trainer. On BitDegree, you may use the opportunity to absorb Jackson Kelley’s rich knowledge in the field of Blockchain programming and master dApp development.