Shubham Saurav

Shubham Saurav – an enthusiastic instructor who uses cutting-edge technology to help many businesses build their websites. And he’s been doing it for years now. For the last 4 years, he’s been deep into Drupal, so you can count on Shubham with whatever is concerned with Drupal. On BitDegree, you can take the opportunity to learn Drupal with Shubham from scratch. He will confidently guide you through getting a deep understanding of Drupal and all that you need to know to start building and managing websites with Drupal. Another field where you can learn a lot from Shubham is learning command lines (on Mac and Linux). A useful tutorial for those who want to learn and get used to creating/deleting files or folders and do all sorts of other things like a pro with commands. Shubham Saurav is also an iOS developer, and when he’s not sitting at his computer, you can challenge him on a cricket pitch or at a chessboard.