Abhishek Sagar

Abhishek Sagar has been engaged with coding and software for more than 8 years. He's an L3 Protocol developer at Juniper. His rich working experience is backed by graduation from IIT Bombay as an MTech specialist. Abhishek is restless for more in-depth knowledge himself, always working out the ways to integrate what he knows in practical ways. No surprise that he’s been able to accumulate a great deal of tech-wisdom. The good news is that he’s also happy to train and encourage people on BitDegree – the next-gen education platform. Probably, the strongest Abhishek Sagar’s side is his proficiency in Linux network development field. You can use the opportunity to get familiar and confident with Linux taking his courses on BitDegree. You’ll strengthen the networking concepts and fundamentals in a very practical way. You’ll complete assignments and work on a project where you’ll use all the theory provided by Abhishek. His chosen teaching methods will make sure you build a proper understanding and that you’ll get all the questions explained. Abhishek Sagar is your #1 point of reference when it comes to Linux system programming. Let him take the privilege to guide you and bring useful additions to your resume!