Timothy Mugayi

Timothy Mugayi is a software engineering enthusiast with 12+ years working experience on all layers of enterprise software development – from database, core backend to UI, architecting, reporting, automated testing, deployment and integration. Someone with the blend of education (Bachelor’s degree Hons in Computer Software Engineering), work experience (senior-level e-business application developer, software developer, analyst, and team lead) and great passion for teaching! Besides being a full-stack developer, Timothy Mugayi is also an entrepreneur, a mentor and trainer. On BitDegree, you might take the advantage to let Timothy be your core pilot in your journey to learning distributed computing. You’ll be pleased with Timothy’s smooth, relaxed and well-structured way of teaching. Learning complex things, such as multithreading on Python, building a distributed social media data ingestor, scaling on the cloud with AWS SQS and great many of other things will be a breeze for you. Besides doing lots of work in software development or teaching, Timothy is a family man who loves going to the gym, too. He’s an exceptionally easy-going person when it comes to engaging in discussions on how to build quality software with fellow enthusiasts.