Ugo Vallone

Buongiorno! Ugo Vallone is happy and proud to present his rich experience to you through online courses! He’s that kind of person that you’d like to have in your friends’ gathering: knowledgeable, educated, and having interesting hobbies in life. Ugo has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and a Master’s in Media Science and Technology. That’s not all – he’s also a PhD in Computer Science, so his educational background leaves us without any doubts of his in-depth knowledge. He uses his knowledge and talent in teaching web and graphic design on BitDegree. Ugo Vallone’s style of teaching is very consistent, well-structured and engaging with his soft Italian accent. Learn to create interactive computer graphics for the web from Ugo – an experienced computer scientist and web design teacher. On a different note, Ugo Vallone is also the author of a book on chess strategy – is that a hobby you have in common? Also, he’s a restless learner, and now is expanding his knowledge on Startups at Bocconi University, Italy.