Wordpress : Create a professional webshop in wordpress step by step

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InstructorRonak Parmar
Duration3h 30m
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In this course, I go through the best method of getting a professional webshop up and running that has the potential to earn money with minimum investment. The only thing that is required to buy is the Hosting and the Domain name. This is possible because of the popularity and open-source nature of WordPress and WooCommerce.

We start by setting up WordPress, then moving on to downloading the themes and plugins that help us in creating our website. In the process, we will learn how to install themes, plugins, navigate through the dashboard and how different plugins and themes work. We learn how to put in Tax rates, Shipping methods, Integrate payment right into our website using stripe and create different types of products. Once we do that we will connect with Printful which is a print-on-demand service.

After setting up our store we move on to building the front end by using a Webpage builder- no coding required. Here we will get the opportunity to make our website look as we want it to. The best parts about this entire build are that it won't burn a hole in our pocket, it will have the potential to earn money, and we will learn how to create professional webshops- in case we want to start a web design and development business. We will also learn how to manipulate code in CSS in order to take our website customization skills to the next level.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn to create web-based stores, start with WordPress, delve deep into WooCommerce or anyone else who wants to do it for a hobby. No prior knowledge is needed however a basic understanding of how websites work will be great to have.

Download the file attached, it is required in order to go through this course.

I will see you in the course.

All the best!

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