What is gRPC Framework? [ gRPC + Java + Protobuf Hands-on ]

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In this course you will learn about the gRPC Framework. This new Microservices framework will be used in most of the projects in near future since it has more advantages than REST Framework when it comes to data transfer between multiple microservices & when the data size is huge. gRPC supports Protocol buffers as communication protocol between the client and service applications. Protocol Buffers or Protobuf is a communication protocol and has more advantages over JSON in message sizes, faster data transfers between the services. We discuss all these concepts in this course. This course gives you complete knowledge on gRPC Framework, Protocol Buffers and how to set up gRPC environment set up, Java API/Service & Client Application implementation using gRPC as mentioned in the below steps. gRPC- Java - Protocol Buffers Complete Course with Hands-on Demo Project. What is gRPC?How Microservices communicate with each other?What are the features required for any API Framework?What are the advantages & disadvantages of REST Framework?How the gRPC Framework got more advantages over REST Framework?What are the disadvantages of JSON over Protocol Buffers?What are the types of APIs, you can build using gRPC Framework?How to setup gRPC Environment set up to build a Java Project?How to generate client Stubs using gRPC libraries?How to implement gRPC Java API or Service with gRPC Framework?How to implement gRPC Java Client Application with gRPC?How to test gRPC API or Service with BloomRPC Tool?This course does not drag you with all details which are not required to know and don't waste your valuable. It will be straight to the point on each concept and you never regret the time you spent on this course. Some parts in the video you will see my YT Channel promotions for subscribe and like, please ignore them. Thanks. Hope you will get good knowledge on gRPC after watching all the sections. Please let me know your opinion in comments. Happy Learning..!!




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