WebDriverIO v7 JavaScript, POM, GitLab Cloud test execution.

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This course designed to help QA Engineers with zero knowledge in coding to be able to start building automation testing frameworks from scratch or be able to maintain the existing projects in the current job. Also, this course will be helpful for QA Automation Engineers with knowledge in different tools(Java, Python, Ruby, Selenium WebDriver and etc.) to start using JavaScript & Node. js with WebDriverIO v5 for building next-generation testing framework. Course includes building test automating framework from scratch using Page-Object-Model pattern and continues integration with GitLab for cloud execution. Course modules:•Introduction•Tools: WebdriverIO, JavaScript, NodeJS, Jasmine, VS Code.•Environment pre-requisites: Setup on local machine.•Development test script: First test script.•POM and configuring framework for parallel execution: Designing Page-Object-Model framework and configuring framework for parallel execution. Integration with GitLab CI for cloud execution of scripts. What is WebDriverIO?•WebDriverIO is a custom implementation for selenium's W3C webdriver API. It is written in JavaScript and packaged into 'npm' and runs on Node. jsBenefits:•WebdriverIO allows you to automate any application written with modern web frameworks such as React, Angular, Polymeror Vue. js as well as native mobile applications for Android and iOS.•WebDriverIO has simple and easy to write Syntax.•WebDriverIO has `wdio setup wizard' which makes our project setup very easy.•You can write your own JavaScript functions test.•The test runner also comes with a variety of hooks that allow us to interfere into the test process in order to e. g. take screenshots if an error occurs or set browser resolution based on browser type.




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