Web Development: Project Based Learning

Course description
This course will help you understand the art of designing Web applications by making use of HTML, Bootstrap and JavaScript technologies. This is a project based course and in this journey you will design five utility based projects completely from scratch. This course provides you an in depth knowledge of working with various useful technologies that developers use for building modern day web applications. You will get to explore working with APIs, DOM manipulation, working with google charts, understanding bootstrap framework and its practical use, Hosting a web project on GitHub and much more. All the codes that have been designed in the course will be provided to you so that you can revisit them whenever needed. The course attempts to teach you web development skills with hands-on approach. The following projects will be designed in this course:1. Calculator: Here you will learn how to perform Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division operation by making use of JavaScript and you will also learn about DOM manipulation. All the components will be styled using bootstrap framework so that you get a responsive design. Further you will get a chance to learn how this project can be hosted on GitHub so that you get a dedicated URL on GitHub for your project that you can share with other people. This will teach you some basic and necessary skills to get started with GitHub which is one of the most widely used services for managing Git Repositories.  2. Stop Watch: Here you will learn the art of designing a ready to use stop watch which works on any browser by making use of JavaScript. You will work with functions like setInterval( ) and clearInterval( ) and understand their use case from practical view point. You will also learn how to disable a button and enable it so that whenever needed you can control the functionality of the web components using JS.3. Todo List: Here you will get a chance to design your own Todo list that has the features of adding, editing and deleting a  Todo. In this you will learn how to append a child node to a parent element using JavaScript and how to render the components dynamically on the browser basis user interaction with the Web App. 4. Weather Station: In this project you will work with OpenWeatherMap API to fetch the live weather data of any city in the world. You will get to work with JSON data and in the journey you will understand the API in depth and how to fetch the desired data for temperature and weather condition icon so that the same can be rendered on the screen whenever user make a request to fetch the data using the API. You will learn how fetch( ) works in JS, using API keys and most important part is the JSON handling in JS.  5. Tesla Stock Market Dashboard: In this project you will get to work with the stock market API from Alpha Vantage which is free to use and can give intra day share data trends. We will work with Tesla share as a test case and will design a dashboard using bootstrap and JS and this time we will work with the dark theme so that you get to know how efficient and easy it is to  design a beautiful dark theme based dashboard. You will also work with google charts to show the trends of share volume traded with time.




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