Web Development By Doing: HTML / CSS From Scratch

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Web Development From Scratch: Learn By Doing For Complete Beginners. HTML And CSS.

If you're looking to get a start on learning the new, fun, and profitable skill of web development, then this course is for you. Instead of teaching tedious theory on how to code a website, you'll learn practical knowledge on how to do it. The best way to learn is by doing, and that's why you'll actually make a complete website from scratch. You'll learn two different methods, by writing the code from scratch, and using Dreamweaver, a tool that every web developer should have. You'll learn the advantages and disadvantages to using each method, and be able to see your work come to life!

What you’ll learn

Create your very first website from scratch
Learn what a website actually is, and what its made of
Learn the basics of HTML / HTML5
Learn the basics of CSS/ CSS3

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Eager to learn
Wanting a change

Who this course is for:

If your looking to learn a new, fun, and profitable skill
Anyone looking to learn the basics of making a website

Among web professionals, "web development" usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding.[2] Web development may use content management systems (CMS) to make content changes easier and available with basic technical skills.

For larger organizations and businesses, web development teams can consist of hundreds of people (web developers) and follow standard methods like Agile methodologieswhile developing websites. Smaller organizations may only require a single permanent or contracting developer, or secondary assignment to related job positions such as a graphic designer or information systems technician. Web development may be a collaborative effort between departments rather than the domain of a designated department. There are three kinds of web developer specialization: front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer. Front-end developers responsible for behavior and visuals that run in the user browser, while back-end developers deal with the servers.

Meet your instructors:

  • Anwar Khan photoAnwar Khan
    I have 18+ years of IT experience and worked on various technologies and domains.




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