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Web Analytics programs and Web stats are pre-mediated to recognize the behavior of your website visitors and convert them into genuine customers. This analytics will help in collecting the required information to increase the fame of your website address on the internet.  To identify some of the essential web metrics we should keep important performance indicators at the beginning, and it can be compared to study customers response and can improve it accordingly. So, let us discuss in detail about Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Usually, financial and non-financial metrics used to value the goals and performance of an organization are KPIs. The present state of the business through the internet can be checked, and the necessary steps can be taken. The process of evaluating KPIs used practically is called business activity monitoring. KPIs scrutinize leadership qualities, skill development, customer service. To be precise, KPIs help an organization in every strategy. KPIs are essential for a company as per their strategies. A software company should learn how to market its software products, and a hardware-based company should know to calculate its income and profit by selling it to customers. KPIs also help companies in figuring knowledge - level processes and evaluate the company's targets.  Whatever may be the analytical knowledge base, it is crucial for an organization to identify its KPIs. The primary objective of Web Analytics is to make maximum user-friendly websites. It provides a report called data-driven report to monitor visitors' browsing the website. Analytics Tools provide a platform to check the performance of your website, visitor's feedback and data provided. These are cost-effective and accessible to everyone. Sometimes, they are also cost-free. Google Analytics is an analytical tool that is cost-free and provides a detailed report about web traffic. It is used by the majority of the website owners. Visitors can be tracked and measured with the help of Google analytics. Also traffic sources, goals , conversion, and other metrics can be tracked with the help of Google analytics.




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