WaterColors You Can Do...Trees and Foliage and Custom Greens

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Painting realistic looking trees that mimic what you see in a natural setting can be challenging, especially finding the proper greens in watercolor paints.  Many artists struggle with finding just the right shade of green that will give their painting the pop that it needs for leaves and other foliage to stand out and take center stage in the painting.  This can mean buying many tubes of green paint and mixing in a trial and error fashion to create the desired shade of green.  Money, time and wasted paint can be frustrating, especially if it delays your getting to the fun part of actually putting brush to paper. What to do? Well, Sharon Long can solve this puzzle for you with her Magic Palette of pre-filled Winsor Newton paints and her recipe guide for mixing greens using just 2 colors, Burnt Sienna and Antwerp Blue. Many artists do not realize that these two colors mixed together will yield beautiful greens. That is because Burnt Sienna is actually a yellow! Following a recipe and using just 3 drops of water from a pipette in each well, you can mix amazing shades of green. In this workshop Sharon will take you on a step by step journey to creating a beautiful watercolor painting of trees and foliage that will delight you, your friends and relatives for years to come.  Marry this painting with a really nice set of mats and a frame and you have a beautiful gift or just display your work at home for others to see.  Do you want to learn great tips and new techniques? Even if you are an accomplished artist you can always benefit from the knowledge of other artists.  Sharon Long can pull from over 35 years of painting and teaching to help you improve your craft. Why should I purchase a Magic Palette Kit from Sharon Long Watercolors website?  Well, you don't have to. You can use your existing watercolor paints and use the workshop to learn from Sharon.  But the main benefit of the Magic Palette is that you will have a complete kit that includes a strong plastic palette made from airline quality plastics. The palette will come filled with high quality Winsor Newton paints and has mixing wells built in for ease of creating custom colors.  Also a set of 7 Brushes that Sharon recommends, a recipe card for spot on color mixing and a must have guide to keep your color mixing perfect every time! Get those greens, blacks, purples and browns you have always wanted from one palette using just 4 colors!




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