VLSI System Design & SubSystems of Digital Circuits Course

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     Learn how to master on VLSI system Design &  SubSystems of Digital  Circuits and designing of different circuits like combinational and sequential etc. In this course you will  learn very large scale integration design course  from scratch and also covered  each and every details with step by step procedure. Now a days  very large scale integration  technology emerging or growing  day by day. You cannot imagine without the Basic VLSI Design &  SubSystems of Digital  Circuits or even electronics and   integrated circuits because usage of electronic gadgets now becoming a part in our daily routines. So  we much depend on VLSI system Design &  SubSystems of Digital  Circuits  to design like portable electronic gadgets  and other gadgets for different purposes. The  silicon-integrated circuitry make it possible to  design of digital circuits which may be very complex and most  economical in space, power requirements and cost, and potentially very fast The area, power and cost have made silicon the dominant fabrication technology for electronics in very wide ranging areas of application. Like digital signal processing, analog and digital communications as well as in  video processing etc. Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS)  related circuitry will meet requirements but still it is  being researched  by ongoing improvements and the research in fabrication such that  other techniques are being majorly adapted with gallium arsenide technology, including the use of materials other than silicon for the production of integrated circuits.. So its needed to learn  VLSI system Design &  SubSystems of Digital  Circuits for better growth particularly for electronics and computer related people. So those who want to settle in VLSI  design field  learning these concepts is essential. so start your journey with this course from now onwards. In this course you may learn the behavior of MOS circuits  in detail manner as well as you could  get the better understanding after completion of this course. The course covers these topicsBasic Electrical Properties of metal oxide semiconductor(MOS) and  Bipolar and metal oxide semiconductor circuitsCurrent and voltage relationship and its characteristicsThe Non-saturated regionSaturated regionMetal oxide semiconductor  transistor transconductance  and output conductance  relationship. The pass transistorInverter characteristicsDetermination of pull up to pull down ration for an NMOS driven by another NMOS inverter. Pull up to pull down ratio for an NMOS  Inverter driven by another NMOS inverter using the pass transistor. Complementary metal oxide semiconductor as  inverter and its characteristics Transconductance and output conductanceAlternative forms of pull ups Bipolar and Complementary metal oxide semiconductor inverter circuits. MOS  layers and NMOS color encoding with STICK AND mask layout schemesMOS layers and CMOS color encoding with STICK and mask layout schemesStick diagram rule setNmos inverter schematic and stick diagramNAND schematic and stick diagramsOperation of not nor or gatesStick diagram for NOR and OR gateCmos inverter schematic and stick diagramCMOS NAND schematic and stick diagramCMOS NAND twisted stick diagram and other modified models of sticks for NAND. CMOS NAND operation. CMOS NOR operation and stick diagramWhy design rules needed?lambda based layout rulesCMOS inverter and CMOS- NAND layoutsCMOS- NOR layoutSheet resistanceSheet resistance applied to Mos transistorsSheet resistance for depletion mode MOS inverterSheet resistance for CMOS inverterArea capacitance of layers and standard capacitance in different technologiesSome area capacitancesMultil layer area capacitanceTime delay in MOS circuitsInverter pair delay using NMOSCMOS inverter pair delayRise time estimation delayFall time estimation dealy and relation b/w rise and fall timeDriving of large capacitive loadsCascaded of inverter for N-even and odd conditionsCondition of pair delay to cascaded inverters for NMOSCondition of pair delay for CMOS cascaded inverterWhat is Super buffers ? Super buffers in inverting mode &  non inverting modeWhat is scaling & Scaling for device parametersParity generator and its block diagram &Parity generator iin one-bit cellImplementation of Parity generator with Nmos and CMOS along with stick diagramWhat is Bus Arbitration logic and types of Bus arbitration logic?Bus arbitration logic , truth table, logic expression, stick diagram, n-bit BALDesign of Multiplexers 2:1 and 4:1 with schematic and stick diagramDesign of 4 bit adder (Ripple carry adder)design of 4 bit adder (Ripple carry adder) Design of carry look ahead adder with CMOS schematic diagram-part2Feel free to ask any doubt while learning the courseHappy learning! Skill Gems EducationPUDI V V S NARAYANA




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