VFX for Beginners using After Effects

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Category:Video Editing
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Course description


In this After Effects class we are going to learn visual effects by re-creating Doctor Strange Shield. This tutorial is great for Beginner level. This is a great way to introduce yourself to After Effects, or learn few skills if you already familiar with this software.

We also going to learn:

  • Basics of After Effects
  • Motion tracking
  • Parenting
  • Transfer modes
  • Timing and transforming
  • Color grading
  • Light 3D introduction

What Will I Get ?

  • Create your Own Visual Effects Shot
  • How to Animate a digital assets in project
  • How to Track paths of and object in After Effects
  • How to connect digital assets to motion paths
  • Basic Color Grading
  • Light introduction to 3D animation
  • Important Animation techniques to help you create better animation fast
  • How to Composite multiple digital assets in final video
  • Motion Graphics Visual Effects


  • Install any version of Adobe After Effects, free trial version works too
Meet your instructors:
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VFX artist