Unity 2D Game Development in C# 2021

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Join me on this journey to learn how to create video games in Unity. You will learn how to use the Unity Interface, code in C#, draw the Game Assets, add the Game Sounds, the Visual Effects and much more! There are 2 kinds of lectures in the course: [MQ] MAIN QUEST and [SQ] SIDE QUEST:[MQ] lectures are the core 'mandatory' lectures where we'll explore and understand the Unity engine and C# coding.[SQ] lectures are optional, you can watch them if you are interested in expanding your knowledge. We will, for example, cover the process of creating the Game Sprites and the Background Generation using recursion, study the linear algebra behind the game and more! You have all the Game Assets (SQ sprites and game Sounds) always available in the Resources part inside each lecture. The file folder name is GameAssets. I have created this course in an enriching and inspiring way, so I will present a variety of Unity and C# techniques in order to give you the tools needed to develop your desired project. I also wanted this course to be fun and entertaining to watch so I made the videos short, fast paced and well organized. There are also some fun parts along the way for you to discover ;)The course is project oriented, the best way to learn in my opinion. You will not just learn abstract programming concepts, but deduce them from the game applications. You will develop the necessary skills to be able to apply all the concepts learned throughout the course for your own projects. Come join me and dive in to become an expert in Unity and develop your dream game! Thanks to my Family and my Friends who are my family




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