Understanding The Camera Shoot Cinematic Video Today

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This course is for anyone seeking Cinematic quality to their videos. Learners ready to bond with the most powerful tool in filmmaking. This course is focused on building the habit of reading light, location, texture & color, and how these influence our shots. You will become so comfortable with the Camera in your hand that it will allow for your creativity to flow without limitations and take your footage to the next level. You will be able to better read the light and color, and in return, you will be able to manipulate the camera to do exactly the same. This course will open up some freedom to explore creatively with the fundamentals. You will feel more comfortable using the basics to create beauty in the everyday mundane. The course is filled with case studies and topics that will help you progress and finally understand it in simple terms. Once you have set your mind to form a habit of understanding light and its influences you will effortlessly be able to produce cinematic-looking video content. Just put in the hours and see what different locations, different lighting situations, and different textures teach you about the camera. Topics such as bit rate, frame rates, camera fundamentals, shot sizes, angles, camera tech & some effective exercises are all covered and discussed in this course. You will better know how to use the camera to give justice to your story, your product, or your legacy.  It's about cognitively deciding to become better. Let's not settle.




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