Ultimate JavaScript Arrays plus One To-Do List Project

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Ultimate JavaScript Arrays plus One To-Do List ProjectLearn about JavaScript Arrays Methods, creating them, accessing Arrays, Loops Arrays and finally make a TO-DO LIST projectArrays are fundamental in web development. To master and be an expert in JavaScript, one must have a good and solid foundation of Arrays. They are the core part of the JavaScript language. One must first master HTML, CSS and then Venture into JavaScript and learn more about arrays. Arrays we always come in handy when developing projects and applications, website and many more. They are useful when it come in making projects such as a Logging Form, To-Do List and many more similar projects. Learning about arrays is fundamental for any web developers as you can get to understand how a website will work without having a basic understanding of this very important topic. They involve: Arrays MethodsPush method - Adds a new element at the end of an arraypop method- Removes an element at the end of an arrayshift method - Removes an element at the start of an arrayunshift method- Adds an element at the start of an arrayconcat method - Merges two or more arrays elementsincludes method- Looks for a value or element in an arrayindex Of method-its just like the str. index ofjoin method- create a string from an arrayreverse method-Reverses an arrayslice method-It copes portions of an arraysort method-It sorts an arrayCreating Arrays methods - Here one learns several ways of creating arraysLooping through arrays - here we see several ways of looping through an array such as the For Loop, For Of Loop, FOR/IN loop, WHILE LOOPIterating through arraysUsing the 'NEW' JavaScript keyword




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