The Ultimate Guide to Python Programming With Python 3.10

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Welcome to this python programming course for beginners, where you'll become a Python Wizard! (python wizard is someone who can handle any problem like a boss and use the keyboard like a piano~ )After completing this course, you can easily handle any programming project. You'll be able to use core python features and its hidden secrets to develop consistent and efficient programs. You'll also learn about the often-forgotten basics and special features of programming and python in general. The course can be divided into four broad levels -Level 1 [ Geek ]Computers architectureBits & Bytes of Data What is ProgrammingTerminalLevel 2 [ Newbie ]Python Installation & SetupHands-on Programming With PythonBasics of Python, etc. Client-Info ApplicationConsole IOLevel 3 [ Coder ] - Data TypesDecision ControlLoopsFunctionsClasses & ObjectsError HandlingModules & PackagesPrankster ProjectLevel 4 [ Wizard ] - String FormattingStack & Queue Data StructuresShallow & Deep CopiesPacking & Unpacking OperatorsStructural Pattern Matchingpip - python package managerVirtual EnvironmentsList ComprehensionsIterables & GeneratorsFunction Decor@torsObject-Oriented ProgrammingSingletonsSpecial MethodsOperator OverloadingIterable Classes@propertyClass slots @dataclassMetaclassType HintingFile IOThreading & MultiprocessingDebuggingTkinter GUI Sedentary Alert ApplicationEach level takes you a step further to python mastery! If you have some skills with python, then you're most welcome to brush up your skills and advance to the next level. Or even if you can use a computer only, that's completely fine! We will start from the complete basics of general programming and become an expert in python programming. So you can gain something new as well! Join me with the thousands of students who have started their programming journey becauseCODERS ARE THE MORDERN WIZRADS!




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